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April 6, 2013
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You twirl about happily on the dance floor, a soft, sweet ballad flowing through the ball room. Your long dress brushes the polished stone with each movement. You and your partner glide about, not a care in the world. He spins you gracefully, and you land in the arms of another. This man is much older than you, and much nicer dressed. The music stops and people clap, meaning there will be a short intermission before the next song starts.
The man before you bows slightly, and you curtsy. "Good evening, (Name)." he greets, his words slurred from wine.
"Good evening, your Majesty." you reply, not wanting to anger the king.
He smiles at you and pulls you aside from the dancing. "May I have a word with you?"
"Yes, your Majesty." It would be complete suicide to refuse the king anything he wants!
He leads you out to the garden, where red roses bloom happily in the summer night. You walk through the maze of bushes, silent, as was expected of anyone in the king's presence.
"You are a young lady of high standing, are you not?" he asks.
You seem a bit taken aback, but nod. "Yes."
The king's smile widens and he looks you over, making your skin crawl. "Good. I can't have just anyone as my queen."
Your (e/c) eyes widen. "S- sir? Your queen?" you gasp.
The king gets on one knee. "(Name), will you marry me?" he said through his rotten teeth and bad breath. "Marry me instead of that strapping young goatherd."
You bite your bottom lip. You knew he was referring to the man you were dancing with: Arthur Kirkland. "Your Majesty... may I have some time to think?" you ask politely.
The king nods and you run off through the maze, thoughts of what would happen if you said yes.
You sit on a stone bench, well out of sight of the king. "Well, he's the king. But I love Arthur. I'll no doubt be his lover despite being married." You take a deep breath and sing your contemplation quietly. "And when I'm beheaded at least I was wedded. And when I am buried at least I was married. I'll hide my behavior with wine as my savior, but oh!" The thought of luxury and palace life came to your head. "What beautiful things I'll wear! What beautiful dresses and hair! I'm lucky to share his bed, especially since I'll soon be dead!"
You cross your legs and prop your head on your hands, your elbows on your knee. "Well, isn't that a lovely thought." You shut your eyes tightly, hating your situation. "'Marry me' he said, God he's ugly, but fortune is ours. Running in the gardens enjoying men, women, and flowers. My life is arranged but this union's deranged. So I'll kiss who I choose for I've nothing to lose!" Your thoughts wander to what, as a queen, you'll be expected to do. "Yes, fertilization is part of my station. I'll laugh as he grabs me in anticipation of sons who will run things when I'm under covers. But who's children are they? Why, mine and my lover's!" Your voice gets louder up until that line, as you laugh at the thought.
Looking about, you hope no one heard you. With a sigh of relief, you realize you're safe... for now. "But oh, what beautiful things I'll wear. What beautiful dresses and hair. I'm lucky to share his bed especially since I'll soon be dead. What beautiful things I'll wear! What beautiful dresses and hair! I'm lucky to share his bed. So, why do I wish I was...?"
A voice calls your name in the distance. Fearing that it's the king, you tense up. He calls again, and this time you recognize the voice as Arthur's. You spring up from the bench and  quickly scan the area for him.
"Arthur?" you call back. You spot him in the distance, standing back at the entrance to the ball, slow glowing light cast about him from the lights. Soft, angelic music plays as his green eyes meet your's. He smiles at you, melting away all your wretched thoughts of marrying the king.
Picking up your skirts, you dash over to him, love for him and him alone filling your heart. "Arthur!" you cry out. You barrel into him, causing him to stumble backwards with the force.
"(Name)! What's gotten into you, love?" he laughs.
"Marry me, Arthur!" you plead.
He blinks in confusion. "Marry you? Love, that isn't how engagements usually go." he jokes. "Shouldn't I ask you?"
You look about, scanning the bushes for any sign of the king. "Please, Arthur! I'll explain later."
Smirking, Arthur takes your hand in his and gets on one knee. "(Name), will you marry me?"
You nod enthusiastically, tears of joy and relief flowing down your cheeks. You hug him tightly, kissing him passionately. "Yes! Yes! A thousand times! Yes!"
Arthur laughs. "(Name), what is this all about? Why are you having me marry you?"
"Because I don't want to be queen!" you cry as you hold Arthur tightly. "I love you and you only!"
Confusedly, Arthur hugs you back, stroking your (h/c) locks. "I love you, too (Name)."
Ha! Look at that! The weirdest request I have ever had! And it doesn't completely suck! I feel accomplished. For :iconrandomgurlonthenet:
Btw, yes. I changed the lyrics a bit to fit and stay under the non-mature content line. If you want to hear the song, here: [link]
Really, where did you find that song? XD
And because of my explanation as to what happened after that, there will be a sequel. Thanks Few. -_-
Sequel here:[link]
Pic by :iconnaviar:
Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya
You owned by :iconenglandplz:
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RemyKeehlJeevas Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
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Fyreflare Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Student Writer
Aw thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Smiling is good! It makes life better! :D
mi-chanlovesheta Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
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