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April 5, 2013
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You watch on in silence as the wall is built, brick by brick. Ludwig tenses beside you, his cold eyes focused intently on the wall as it grows ever higher. The angered cries of the West Berliners grows louder. You were deaf to them. The only one you cared about in that moment was your boyfriend, Ludwig.
His mouth was drawn into a pensive grimace, his blue eyes shifting back and forth ever so slightly over the scene before you. His blonde hair lacked its usual luster, and now seemed dull as the grey sky overhead. Not even the sun shone brightly, as if to give omen of what was to come that you could not yet perceive.
"Ludwig?" you ask quietly, worried for your friend, for Germany. "What will happen to us? How will we get food? The Soviets have blocked our borders."
"Ja, (Name)." He closes his eyes, his head drooping. "I don't know vhat vill happen. Ve could..." he trails off, not wanting to say what he knew was on everyone's mind.
"Deutschland... are we going to... starve?" you whisper.
Germany says nothing, but glances over at you for a moment, eyes filled with pain. "I'm sorry, (Name). Vest Berlin is... valled in."
You take a deep breath, and look back up at the massive wall separating East and West. Communist and capitalist. "Ludwig... I'm scared..." you admit.
You feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist, pulling you into his chest behind you, his chin resting on the top of your head. "I'll protect you, frau. You vill not starve as long as I'm here."
"And if you're not here?" you whisper.
This seems to catch Germany off guard. "Vhy vouldn't I be here?" he asks, confused.
"You and I both know what the Allies are doing to your land." you reason. "They've divided it among themselves.'
Germany nuzzles your neck gently. "Don't vorry. They promised to restore my land as soon as it's stable again."
You turn in his arms, clinging to his worn military uniform. "What if they lied? How can we trust anyone who just beat you in a war? A war they suffered as much as you in?" Tears prick at the edges of your vision. You've cried so much ever since Germany started losing his war. You do't have any real tears left. So you both stand there by the wall, uncertainty filling the air. "Luddy... I don't want to lose you."
Germany kisses your forehead. "You von't. I trust the Allies that are left. More than I trust Russia."
You stay there a moment longer, the cries of the Germans drowning out all your thoughts. All except one. "Ludwig... what about your brother? Isn't he...?"
Germany takes in a breath of air sharply. "Ja. He's under... Soviet control."
You hear a shot come from the wall and a woman screaming. People start running past you, slamming into you as they try to get away from the Soviet soldiers. The force is too much, and you're pushed away from Germany and onto the hard, cobbled ground. You cut your hands and knees on the stone, sending a stinging sensation up your arms and legs. The crowd hurdles over you, but you get kicked many times in the legs and torso. You try to scramble to your feet, but the mob is too large, too fast, so you curl up and cover your head. "Deutschland!" you cry out as a boot hits the back of your head viciously in the panic. Your vision goes dark for a moment, and the next you're no longer on the ground. You hear the huffing of Germany as he runs, you in his arms, to safety.
He doesn't stop until you're well within the city interior, out of range of the bullets and mob. The pain in your head, arms, legs, and torso hasn't stopped, and everything is blurry and doubled.
"Ger- ma- ny..." you groan.
"Hush, (Name). Just a little longer." he assures you. He hisses a few words in German under his breath, words you can only assume are vulgar or what he was actually thinking. Probably both. He sets you down by a shop wall, the panic more or less fled from everyone's face, now instead they show only fear. Even Ludwig seems to display this.
"Germany..." you try again, but he silences you.
"Nein. Don't talk." he scolds as he reaches into his uniform for the mandatory first aid kit. You don't say a word as he patches you up physically, but mentally you're still very much wounded.
"(Name)!" Ludwig hisses. "Just do as I say!" His tone is harsh. You've heard his use such a voice with his soldiers or Italy, but never with you. He seems to notice your shocked expression and sighs. "Bitte. It's for your own good."
You nod, and Germany helps you to your feet, allowing you to lean against him for support. You limp over to the narrow road, your head spinning. The pain gets worse and worse until-
You black out.

Blinking in the light, you see the silhouette of your boyfriend sleeping in a chair beside the bed. You sit up slowly, an odd pressure around your head. Reaching your hand up timidly, you find it's been wrapped with bandages. With a pang, you realize what happened. I had a concussion. That's why he didn't want me to talk. You look about the dark room, the only light coming from an open window. From that window, was a perfect view of it: the Berlin Wall. It sickens you to think that it exists. Keeping you caged in here like some sort of animal. It makes your blood boil. You swing you legs over the side of the bed to close the curtains, but you stop as you recognize where you are. This is Germany's room!
You look about. Everything is neat and orderly, perfectly crisp and precise. The only thing that looks out of place is Germany himself. He sits slumped in the chair, his hand propping up his head, dark bags under his eyes and his hair disheveled. You feel bad for him, not knowing how long you've been out. How long he's been waiting here, worried out of his mind. You contemplate shaking him awake, but you don't have to.
Germany awakes, his blue eyes meeting your (e/c). Relief instantly takes over his demeanor as he pulls you by the waist onto his lap. "You're avake!" he sighs, kissing your neck.
You giggle softly. "Ja. I'm awake. How long was I out?"
"Since yesterday morning." he mumbles as his kisses start to move to your jawline.
"That long?" you ponder. "And what of the shooting?"
Germany stops and his eyes become hard again. "It was just meant to frighten civilians avay from construction. No one vas hurt." He resumes kissing you, slowly traveling to your lips.
"We're going to be okay... right?" you ask, hating that he would have to stop to tell you, but needing answers.
"Ja. Germany vill not fall. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever." He finally reaches your lips and pulls away after one full kiss. "As long as you are vith me, (Name)."
You smile and pull him close. "Never."  
Fluff? Feels? I don't even know what this is. But, I did it for a friend,:iconninjapixels:, since she's doing one for me.
I tried to keep this historical. I really did. But... this is what I produced. Far below my average. XP Whatever.
Pic by :iconin-fewer-words:
Hetalia by Hidekaz Himaruya
You owned by Deutschland
Edit: You people are crying? That's awesome! Feels ftw!
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